Blood collection must be scheduled before event by calling 719-657-4065. No blood draws will be available the day of the health fair!

π™π‘¬π™ˆπ‘°π™‰π‘«π™€π‘Ή – Health Fair Labs are DIFFERENT this year. Make an appointment today.

Rio Grande Hospital will be drawing blood for health fair testing Tuesday through Friday from 6:00 to 9:00am by appointment at the hospital conference room. Sept. 12 through 15 and Sept. 19 – 22. Please call 719-657-4065 for appointment. Please leave a message and we will get you scheduled!

THIS MAKES SENSE! Reports will be handed out at Health Fair on the 30th of September. WE WILL NOT BE DRAWING BLOOD ON THE 30th. Please make your appointment and plan for a great day of exhibits, fun and prizes on the 30th.


Chemistry Panel w/ Lipid Panel and TSH (Thyroid-stimulating Hormone)Β  – $30.00
PSA (prostate-Specific Antigen) – $30.00
CBC (Complete Blood Count) – $20.00
Hemoglobin A1C – $30.00
Blood Type – $25.00
Vitamin D – $45.00