VALLEY — Rio Grande Hospital & Clinics (RGH) recently was in need of a new bladder scanner.

RGH approached San Luis Valley Federal Bank (SLVFED) President Duane Bussey, and he wanted to help. Bussey brought the idea to the SLVFED board who were excited to help fund the much-needed equipment. They knew that this cutting-edge technology with artificial intelligence would help residents in the area.

The new bladder scanner is also known for its infection prevention. Now physicians can check patient’s bladder levels more accurately in a non-invasive way. Which means, no downtime.

SLVFED is known for their civic involvement and giving back to the community. This is a prime example of RGH and SLVFED’s devotion to the San Luis Valley.

Posted by The Valley Courier – Feb. 16, 2019

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