Pharmacist Manager (Full-time/Del Norte) Supervises the execution of pharmacy operations, including but not limited to record-keeping and auditing, inventory, pharmacy maintenance, and core pharmacy workflow, must be able to manage 340B program. Supervises Staff Pharmacists in execution of core pharmacist duties, including but not limited to patient care, provision of healthcare services collaboration with medical providers’ offices, and inventory management, Makes hiring, promotion and performance management decisions. Addresses issues and disciplines staff members, engages with Human Resources as appropriate. Develops employee performance improvement plans and follows up according to deadlines. Promotes teamwork and motivates team members by establishing expectations, tracking results, showing enthusiasm, and sharing vision. Ensures compliance with all Rio Grande Hospital/Monte Vista Pharmacy policies, applicable employment laws, and is consistently fair in the treatment of all staff members. Communicates regularly with team members through one-on-one discussions, group meetings, soliciting input, answering questions, and ensuring communication lines are open between management and non-management team members. Responsible for leading, directing, and managing Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in our Monte Vista Pharmacy. Ensures the professional growth and development of Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Ensures proper pharmacy practice including but not limited to monitoring/evaluating/implementing prescription drug orders, dispensing prescription drug and device orders, educating patients on the proper use or delivery of medication, providing patient counseling, and medication therapy management. Responsible for compounding and labeling of drugs and devices and proper and safe storage of drugs and devices.

Licensure/Certification/Registration: Registered Pharmacist in the State of Colorado, license in good standing

Experience: 1 year as a Pharmacist, Prefer 1-year hospital pharmacy knowledge

Knowledge/Skills/Abilities: Must have excellent written and verbal skills to present information and ideas essential to supervisory duties and to understand general pharmacy and practice. Must be knowledgeable of current pharmacy and medical practices and procedures. Must be able to sit, stand, bend, lift, push, pull, stoop, walk, reach, and move intermittently during working hours. Must have basic computer skills including word and excel. Must exhibit excellent customer service skills and a

positive attitude towards patients, visitors, and staff members. Must demonstrate dependable, regular attendance. and good judgment.

Specific duties and responsibilities: Responsible for fulfilling Pharmacist-in-Charge (PIC) requirements, upholding the board of pharmacy, state, and federal law, ensuring all pharmacy personnel complies with all requirements of federal and state pharmacy and drug laws, rules, and regulations and providing direction and supervision of Pharmacy Manager, pharmacy technicians, interns, and pharmacists.

Customer Experience: Engages customers and patients by greeting them and helping with products and services. Resolves customer complaints, helps respond to customers’ requests in a timely manner, and answers questions to ensure a positive patient experience. Models and shares customer service best practices with all staff members to deliver a distinctive and delightful customer experience. Monitors customer service provided by staff members and offers reminders, training, encouragement, and develops plans for improvement. Develops strong relationships with customers by anticipating customer needs and proactively offering services. Enhances customer experience by increasing focus on healthcare services to improving health outcomes and quality of life.

Operations: Upholds the compliance and state licensure requirements as mandated by state legislation and the Board of Pharmacy. Ensures the pharmacy operates in accordance with all regulations, company policies and standards. Counsels patients and answers their questions regarding usage of medicine, side effects, interactions, contraindications, patient information privacy, generics, therapeutic interchanges, over-the-counter products, and refers to a medical provider as needed to ensure medication is taken properly and health needs addressed. Performs pharmacist tasks including compounding, drug therapy reviews, verification, and medication management. Reviews, interprets, and accurately dispenses prescribed medications. Accountable for ensuring the use of all elements of the Good Faith Dispensing policy in conjunction with state and federal controlled substance laws when filling prescriptions are followed by all pharmacy personnel. The Product Review/Retail Fill Process Pharmacist has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the elements of Good Faith are present. Accountable for safe medication storage, diversion monitoring and other key pharmacy inventory activities. Follows-up with medical providers’ offices to clarify prescribed medications, dosages, refills, interactions and, allergies to suggest alternative medications and answer medical provider questions. Provides retail, clinical, other healthcare services Looks at and reviews 3rd party reviews, and assists with resolving customer issues

Contact person / number / email: Arlene Harms 657-2510