Radiology / Imaging Services

Studies on state-of-the art equipment in each of the following modalities.

  • Diagnostic Radiology – 5,395 X-Rays a year
  • CAT Scan – 2,389 Scans a year
  • MRI – 669 Scans a year
  • Ultrasound – 808 Scans a year

The Rio Grande Hospital Imaging Department is a highly technical department staffed with people who have a passion for patient care and service; high quality personnel that get accurate results. Our staff knows that helping understand what will take place during your test will assist you in remaining calm and relaxed during the procedure. This creates a positive experience for you and enables the Technologist performing your procedure to obtain the highest quality image and exam to help in your diagnosis and treatment.

At Rio Grande Hospital Radiology, the department includes 6 full time Radiologic Technologists, a Department Manager, a Receptionist, and a Diagnostic Radiologist – Dr. Jack Bufkin to interpret your images and exams 24 hours a day. This gives our patients the best possible care, no matter when the situation occurs. Our Radiologic Technologists are each trained and certified in their specific modalities, and many are also cross trained to assist in other modalities (CAT scan).

Rio Grande Hospital Radiology Offers:

  • Routine X-Ray (except flouroscopy)
  • Computed Radiology Imaging
  • CAT SCAN – 64 Slice SIEMENS CAT SCAN Machine
  • MRI – mobile unit
  • Ultrasound

Rio Grande Hospital Radiology Employs:

  • 6 Full Time Registered Radiology Technologists
  • 1 Full Time Registered Radiology Manager
  • Full time Receptionist