Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory Services

  • Inpatient therapy for COPD, asthma, pneumonia, reactive airway disease, hypoxia, and any other problems associated with the cardiopulmonary system. Qualified to work with adults, pediatrics, and infants, and fluent in English and Spanish languages.
  • Outpatient diagnostics including Holter monitoring and pulmonary function testing along with nitrogen washout studies and lung diffusing studies all provided with state of the art equipment by a qualified professional.
  • Emergency room services consist of treatment and assessment of respiratory emergencies. We have adult and pediatric life support capabilities as well as non-invasive breathing support with bi-level ventilation. After hours availability for additional support for emergency room personnel is available.

My name is Miguel Ybarra, I have been practicing Respiratory Care for over 24 years. I enjoy working with different cultures and different patient populations. I have a wonderful wife, Melinda, and two loving daughters Angela and Rebecca. I was born and raised in Southwest Texas, and we enjoy the outdoors. We like fishing, camping, visiting national parks and nature as a whole. Both my wife and I are avid golfers and lovers of all kinds of animals.