“Sixty individuals have received the second dose of vaccine and another 100 will receive the second dose in the next 10 days. Rio Grande Hospital continues to treat COVID positive patients in our Emergency Room and Inpatient areas. Staff working in these areas were our first priority,” said Chief Nursing Officer Candice Allen.
Allen continued to state that the hospital has received shipments of both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and that they have no say in which one they receive at this time. “We have administered both Pfizer and Moderna. We do not get to pick at this point, but we gladly take what we are given.” The hospital already had the equipment and cold storage necessary to house the Pfizer vaccine, which has made the entire project that much easier to facilitate.
“All vaccines received thus far have been administered. Rio Grande Hospital remains committed to vaccination as we actively try to administer all vaccines within 72 hours of arrival as requested by our Governor. We have administered 260 initial vaccine doses and will have administered 160 second doses by Jan. 21 – a total of 420 doses. We have requested an additional 500 doses of vaccine for use with our 70+ population,” explained Allen. “We are hoping to receive this vaccine order in the next two weeks.”
According to Allen, Rio Grande Hospital will partner with the Del Norte Fire Protection District to use the old field house in Del Norte (old Del Norte high school gym) for an upcoming 70+ vaccine clinic. Rio Grande Hospital and Clinics staff have been taking names and phone numbers of interested individuals aged 70+ for COVID vaccine. We have over 400 interested persons thus far. “We will announce the COVID vaccine clinic date once we receive confirmation of our vaccine order and anticipated arrival date.”
Allen also announced that the Upper Rio Grande School District was able to receive 26 doses of the vaccine and will be part of the next phase to ensure that teachers and staff who want to vaccinate can do so.
Rio Grande Hospital CEO had this to say, “I am so proud of the Rio Grande Hospital and Clinic staff for stepping up and once again continuing to fight the battle against COVID-19 at the front line with a vaccination that will protect not only themselves, but our patients and family members. The vaccine is the gamechanger in our battle with this worldwide pandemic, it is the hope that our fight against COVID-19 may have an end in sight that our future will again allow us to travel, to visit our loved ones, to plan weddings, and to simply enjoy being together. It is extremely satisfying to see that rural communities have been included in the roll-out of the vaccine by the Governor’s team and Colorado department of public health and Environment (CDPHE). We are excited for the opportunity to provide this vaccine for our community, but it will take time and patience and planning. The vaccine will be provided in phases that have been determined by the Governors’ Office. Please consider that there are still individuals dying from this infection and some not able to return to work here in the San Luis Valley. Please weigh the risks and consider taking the vaccination when the right time comes.”
Please call 719-657-2418 to get on the vaccination list.